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Permittee s Signature Date Rev 9/2010 Instructions for Completing Form 3-186 If you are. OMB Control No. 1018-0022 Expires 02/28/2014 then you need to do the following selling trading or giving away migratory waterfowl directly to the recipient conducting your transaction by mail Recipient s Signature You the seller must complete all sections of the form and sign the certification even if you are giving the birds or eggs as a gift. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service...
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Citation Number: Please note: A permit is required to transport or sell migratory fish. All permit applications and information must be mailed in by the end of January each year to the following address: NATIONAL WILDLIFE FEDERAL SERVICE, ATTN. FOREST SERVICE, BUREAU OF NATURAL RESOURCES, ATTN: LICENSEE, PO Box 33, West over, MA 02553. You can also use the form linked above. The National Fish and Wildlife Forensics Laboratory is unable to determine the location of migratory birds until they are able to capture a specimen and send it off for analysis. This form can be saved and printed for future use.
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Welcome to a new vlog today we're going to discuss methods for protecting a circuit board from the environment and this applies in general to printed circuit boards, but you can take these tips and tricks and use them in other applications as well this will mostly not be the engineering and scientific way of doing things but a more practical and affordable approach using chemicals that can be bought easily and used at home if you want to protect your PCB professionally than you might use conformal coating you get in touch with a manufacturer that can supply it, and then they will advise with different coatings they can offer, and you will usually find clear conformal coating in either a soft reenter ball form or a solid coating now the soft Bienne table form of conformal coating is used if you need to do measurements or mods later on your product while the solid coating once it's set you can't pierce through it for measurement because if you do that you will break the coating there is also the method of epoxy in the circuit board entirely and that will protect it mechanically as well as from the environment, but there is no way to do any measurements or modifications to the circuit after it's done because it's completely covered in hard epoxy at home at the hobby level though we have a few different options that I want to discuss today and these are the methods that I have used so far, but there could be others, so please join the discussion in the comments below and let me know if you're using something different, and it works I'm gonna start with a clear nail Polish this is probably the easiest and most common method used by hobbyists to try and prevent moisture and dust from getting on a circuit board it does have the advantage of being a very cheap less than one dollar pet for a small bottle like this it's easy to find and easy to use, but it also has some disadvantages that we're going to discuss, and I would advise against getting this stuff from your wife's stash because she might be using the expensive stuff and might get upset once she notices it's missing now nail var varnish will set pretty fast and become this rudder hard clear coating on your circuit board if you take a closer look you'll notice the nail varnish coating is pretty hard, but that doesn't mean we can't pierce this with a pair of sharp probes and do our measurements like I'm showing here it's perfectly possible to pierce it but do take into consideration that there will be some small holes left into the protection coating after you've pierced it with the measurement probes so moisture and dust could get in at that point also nail varnish since it's designed for nails doesn't like the high temperatures, so it will be become soft and easy to peel away once you heat it at high temperatures like I did here I applied heat with my hot-air gun at 200 degrees Celsius and I can easily scrape away the coating with a pair of tweezers even with these disadvantages nail varnish has...
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